Esercizi di preparazione agli esami ECL – Italiano Livello B2

Esercizi di preparazione agli esami ECL - Italiano Livello B2

Pál Ildikó


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The practice book is suitable for language learners preparing for the intermediate (B2) level ECL Italian exam in both school/language school teaching setting and self-study. The answer key makes it possible for students to check their own work.
The book contains all task types to be found at the ECL language examinations, both at the oral and the written part. The tasks improve language skills, increase test wiseness and at the same time convey interesting information on science, technology or the target language culture. Example of the latter are texts on the Carnival of Venice, pizza, the Trieste Karst, or the love of the sea. Popular topics include partnership, advice on bringing up children, or eating healthy food.

Note: The exercise types of the practice book prepare the language learner for the state-recognized intermediate level language exam.

ISBN number: 978-963-87846-3-6

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