At a date previously agreed upon, the candidate and his/her legal representative (in the case of an underage candidate) may inspect all of their written test results (with the written tasks and the criteria for assessment), their oral exam assessment results, and their monologue recording of the oral exam.

Request for Inspection Form

The “Request for Inspection” form must be submitted to the head of the Examination Centre within 15 days after the results were made public via email or post. The inspection or hearing must also take place within this timeframe.

E-mail address:

Mailing address: PTE Idegen Nyelvi Központ, 7624 Pécs, Damjanich u. 30.

The inspection, including consultation, may only take place at a previously agreed upon date in the National ECL Examination Centre. The fee for inspection is 10.00 EUR. The fee may be paid at the National Examination Centre on the day of the inspection.

There are 45 minutes available for the inspection. During the inspection hearing the candidate may take handwritten notes about their work and what he/she says during the review. Electronic equipment (photocopier, smartphone, etc.) cannot be used to take notes about the written test or record the oral exam during the meeting.


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