Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I take an exam?

According to the Hungarian accreditation regulations, individuals turning 14 in the year of application may register for the ECL language exam.

In what languages may I take an ECL language exam?

The ECL examination system has 15 examination languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian and Spanish.

The English, German and Hungarian language exams are accredited in Hungary.

For exams taken in other languages candidates receive an international certificate which may be accredited in Hungary through nostrification without taking an additional exam.

At what levels may I take an ECL language exam?

The ECL language exam is a proficiency exam aligned to the levels of the Common European Framework. The ECL language exam may be taken at the following levels: A2 (beginner), B1 (elementary), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced). German and Hungarian have four accredited levels in Hungary, and in English levels B1, B2 and C1 are accredited.

When may I take a language exam?

The exam dates of the skills assessed in writing (reading and listening comprehension and written communication) can be found under Exam Dates. The day of the oral exam may be different

Are the dates of the oral exam and those of the skills assessed in writing the same?

At some examination sites the date of the oral exam and that of the skills assessed in writing (reading and listening comprehension and written communication) may be different.

Where may I take an ECL exam?

For information on examination sites in Hungary and abroad see: ECL Examination Sites.

How may I apply for the exam?

The application form necessary to apply for the ECL language exam may be downloaded from the website and can be obtained at every ECL examination site. It is also possible to apply online. The exam fee must be paid at the examination site where the candidate plans to take the exam. The confirmation of the payment has to be attached to the application form. For online applications, the exam fee has to be transferred or sent with a yellow postal check (which is available at examination sites) to the bank account provided. The proof of the transfer can be sent electronically, and the original yellow postal check must be sent to the examination site by the end of the application deadline at the latest.

The exam fee is not refundable. In exchange for having paid the fee, candidates have the right to take the language exam or postpone it one time until the next examination period. When the exam fee is paid, the candidate may postpone the exam one time until the tenth day following the written exam at the latest.

If I missed the application deadline, is there a chance for late registration?

It is possible after paying a late fee. Regarding late registration candidates need to contact the examination site where they want to take the exam. Contact information with regards to the ECL examination sites can be found here: ECL Examination Sites

How can I pay the exam fee?

The payment of the exam may vary according to examination sites. Therefore, you need to get in touch directly with the examination site where you would like to take your exam.

Pink postal check cannot be used to pay the exam fee.

It is important to note that the application becomes valid only when the examination site of the candidate’s choice receives the proof of payment by the end of the application deadline.

How can I get an invoice for the paid exam fee?

If a candidate needs an invoice, it has to be requested when registering for the exam. The invoice data needs to be provided both on the online or paper-based application, and the candidate number and the candidate’s name have to be written on the money transfer document.

For paper-based registration, the application form has to be handed in on the day of the payment so the invoice data can be entered into the administration system. For a postal check, the candidate number, if available, should also be written on the check. By applying for the exam the candidate accepts that if the documents/data mentioned above are not submitted, the invoice may not be issued. In such cases ECL may issue a proof of payment using the name of the candidate.

If I apply to take a complex exam, may I postpone only one part of the exam?

No, only the type of exam may be postponed for which the candidate originally applied.

How are appropriate conditions guaranteed for people with disabilities?

Candidates with disabilities are entitled to get specific testing accommodations provided they have official doctor’s papers specifying their health conditions and request it on a written form submitted to the examination site of their choice. The form for this process is available at the examination sites in printed form and also electronically on the website of the Examination Centre

Candidates with disabilities or special educational needs must submit their request for special arrangement to the examination site of their choice by the application deadline. In the request the candidates may explain what type of assistance they need at the exam and indicate their request to use a laptop. A doctor’s or an expert’s opinion must always be attached to the request. If a doctor’s or expert’s opinion is submitted after the deadline, a special arrangement may NOT be requested. If this is the case, the candidate in question may postpone their exam till the next exam period free of charge.

For testing accommodations, there is no change in the content of the exam material. Modification may only be made in the format of the language exams. For further information, please see: The Exam of People with Disabilities

What topics are on the language exam?

For information on the topics expected to be found on the ECL language exam, please see: Topics

What support materials are available?

Under Support Materials and Test Books you can find books that can be ordered online. These materials provide guidance for everyone preparing to take the language exam.

What is the procedure of taking the language exam?

The written parts of the exam (reading comprehension, written communication and listening comprehension) start at a unified time at all examination sites on the day the Examination Centre has scheduled. For complex exams, the exam starts with the written parts (reading comprehension and written communication), and the listening comprehension is administered after a break. The oral exam may be conducted within two weeks after the written parts for each exam period. The oral exam takes place based on a schedule set by the examination site.


How is the oral exam conducted?

  • On the basis of picture ID-s, the examiners check the identity of the candidates.
  • At the beginning of the exam, the examiner briefly informs the candidates about the exam procedures. The exam is recorded. Before the recording is started, the candidates decide who is going to pick a numbered card (a particular speaking task,) from the table.
  • when the recording begins the candidates say their names and candidate numbers.

Parts of the Exam:

Part 1: Warm-up
Part 2: Guided conversation (dialogue between the two candidates)
Part 1: Individual talk (monologue on the basis of a picture montage)

What does paired exam mean?

During the ECL language exam, candidates take their oral exam in pairs. During the guided conversation they discuss a randomly selected topic. For the individual talk, they need to talk individually on the basis of the picture montage.

Who can be your pair?

On their application form candidates have the opportunity to select partners for the oral communication exam. When applying online candidates may also select a partner. If they don’t name anybody, a partner for the oral exam will be assigned randomly.

When applying online how can I name my partner?

In case of applying through the internet, candidates may indicate the name of their selected partner by calling the examination site by phone or sending them an email.

How is the performance of the candidates assessed?

For each skill two assessors evaluate the candidates’ performance. For information on assessment and passing the exam, please see: Assessment and Passing the Exam

What is a partial exam certificate?

If the candidate applies to take a complex exam but manages to pass only one part of it (written exam – reading comprehension and written communication, or oral exam – listening comprehension and oral communication), he/she receives a certificate verifying that they successfully passed a partial exam. The other part of the exam can be completed any time. The two partial certificates make up a complex language exam certificate.

When can I get information about the results?

The Examination Centre announces the results of the exam on its website (www.ecl.hu) within 30 days from the date of the written exam. Candidates are also notified via email that their results are available on their candidate’s page online. If a candidate makes a written request to the Examination Centre, he/she can also receive information about the results via mail within the time frame stipulated by the regulations.

When can I get my certificate if I pass the exam?

The certificates accredited in Hungary are produced by Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company. The company delivers the printed certificates directly to the Examination Centre, which are then sent to each examination site. Candidates may get their certificates at the examination site or, if requested, the examination sites send them to the candidates by post. Having the certificates printed and sent to the examination sites usually takes about 30 days.

If the candidate applies for a complex exam but only manages to pass one part of it because of possible review procedures, the 30 day deadline may be extended by two weeks.

The ECL Examination Centre does its best to report the exam results, make them available and send them to the candidates as quickly as possible before the set deadline.

How can I get my certificate?

The Examination Centre sends the language exam certificates to the examination sites. Taking over the certificates at the various examination sites may be different; therefore, candidates need to contact with the examination site where they took the exam.

For information on examination sites in Hungary and abroad see: ECL Examination Sites.