Candidates may request to postpone their exam if they are unable to take the exam for well defined reasons. The exam can be postponed to the next exam date if it is accepted by the local exam centre. A re-scheduled exam cannot be postponed again.

If the candidate applied for a complex exam, only the full exam can be postponed until the next exam date/session. If the candidate has registered for a partial exam (only written or oral exam), the partial examination can be postponed. Individual skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) cannot be postponed separately.

You can request postponement by sending the Request form below to your local exam centre.

When you submit the Postponement Request, your exam will NOT be automatically re-scheduled.

Since it is a special procedure, candidates are asked to explain their reasons in details, AND present supporting documents, proofs (e.g. medical certificate, official declaration of an authority).

The deadline to request the re-scheduling of an exam is 10 days after the original exam date.

ECL policy lists the following reasons for postponing a scheduled ECL exam:

Personal or family reasons – submit the Request form AND supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate, official declaration by the relevant authority/military service/police, death certificate of the deceased relative).

General procedure step-by-step

  1. The candidate fills the Postponement Request (download from Request for Exam Postponement form )
  2. It is submitted to the local exam centre together with the supporting documentation:
  3. The local exam centre has the right to accept or reject the Request based on the submitted documents.
  4. If it is accepted by the local exam centre, the candidate will be informed about the fee and the deadline.

Request for Exam Postponement form