Requesting duplicate certificate

The ECL Exam center can issue duplicates of perished or lost international ECL exam certificates if the incident and its circumstances are recorded on the form that can be downloaded from  here. The cost of reissuing of an international ECL exam certificate is EUR 10. Proof of payment of a reissue surcharge and the filled out request form for duplicate must be sent directly to the International ECL Exam center.

Mailing address is: 1/b Szántó K. J. 7633 Pécs, Hungary


Data for wiring the money:

  • Name of beneficiary: Pécsi Tudományegyetem
  • Address of beneficiary: 7622  Pécs, Vasvári P. u. 4.
  • Beneficiary account no: HU40 10004885-10004012-15008231
  • Remarks: 800007
  • Name of beneficiary’s bank: Magyar Államkincstár
  • Intermediary bank name: Magyar Nemzeti Bank

If you would like to pay in HUF please contact us at