Replacing or correcting a destroyed, erroneous or lost certificate

  • If an international ECL certificate gets destroyed or lost, the ECL Examination Center issues a new duplicate certificate. Application for duplicate certificates must be submitted directly to the local exam site where you had taken the ECL language exam.
  • If the certificate contains erroneous data, upon the request of the candidate a new certificate  is issued. The expenses of re-issuing the document shall be paid by the party that is responsible for the error.

General information

  1. Please download, fill and sign the Request form.
  2. The candidate submits the Request to his/her local exam site and pays the fee following the instructions of the exam site.
  3. The replacement fee of issuing a certificate is EUR 25,00.
  4. The fee of posting the new certificate: shipping costs vary depending on the location of the international exam site.
  5. The re-printing process starts once ECL Examination Center receives the Request form forwarded by the local exam site.
  6. According to ECL Regulations, the processing time is 30 days from the date of receipt.

Information for candidates taking the exam in Hungary:  >>>>>