ECL Examinations is opening a new exam centre in Hai Phong, Vietnam.


In January 2017, two assessment experts, Ms Réka Werner and Mr Robert Märcz, from the International Centre of ECL Examinations (Pécs, Hungary) provided a week-long training in Hai Phong. The aim of the programme was to train future examiners who, in the future, would provide ECL exams in German and English languages in Vietnam.

ECL Romania

According to the 5088/2015 (29.11.2016) regulation of the Romanian Ministry of Education the ECL language examination in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages at levels B1, B2 and C1 substitute the foreign language school-leaving examination in Romania.

Favorable change at ECL language exam from the December 2016 exam term

Result calculation at the ECL exam has changed in favor of the examinees.

It is not required any more to achieve 60% at both the written and at the oral exam but it is enough to achieve an average 60% in all 4 skills all together in order to have a successful complex exam. The minimum is 40% in each skill.

Thus it is possible to compensate the achieved probable weaker result with one or more better result(s) achieved at (an)other skill(s).

E.g. :

40% average achieved at written exam + 80% average achieved at oral exam = successful complex exam


45% achieved at any skill + 60% achieved at any skill + 60% achieved at any skill + 75% achieved at any skill = 60% = successful complex exam

This change comes into effect from December 2016 exam term and is not valid retroactively. The new way of result calculation is valid for a complex exam completed within one exam term only and it cannot be validated for partial exams (written exam or oral exam) completed in different exam terms.

ECL in Riga – Foreign language centralised national examinations

ECL exam has been included in the list of international exams that are equal to the foreign language state centralised examinations in Latvia ( In accordance with the Regulation No. 543 of the Cabinet of Ministers of September 29, 2015, starting with the academic year 2015-2016 school graduates of Latvia have their right to choose the way how to take the exam to confirm their knowledge of foreign languages (English, Russian, Spanish, and French). They should choose between centralised national examinations or one of the international examination, included in the list of international exams that are equal to the state centralised examinations.

International qualification

The ECL language exam has been acknowledged as an international qualification which can be offered for undergraduate admission in the United Kingdom.

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