Postponement – Hungary

If candidates are prevented from taking the exam, they may request the postponement of their exam. The exam – upon request and through the payment of a deferment fee – can be postponed until the next exam date. An exam already postponed cannot be postponed again.

If the candidate applied for a complex exam, only the full exam can be postponed until the next exam date. Neither the writing nor the oral part, or any of the different skills tested can be postponed separately.

The deadline for submitting a Request for Exam Postponement form is the 10th day following an exam at the latest.

Deferment fee: 3000 HUF

Documents to be submitted:

  • proof of money transfer regarding the deferment fee

Bank transfer:

  • Beneficiary account no: 11731001-23135378
  • Name of beneficiary: Pécsi Tudományegyetem
  • Details of payment: 150126 ECL postponement/name of candidate

Submission method:

  • in person at the examination site of the candidate’s choice
  • via mail (PTE Idegen Nyelvi Központ, 7624 Pécs, Damjanich u. 30.)
  • through e-mail (