• Test materials and certificates are built on uniform principles in each language, tests are pre-tested, test constructors and markers are trained regularly and a system of double marking is used.
  • The only language examination system in the European Union which offers testing in fifteen different languages, including many less widely used languages.
  • You can take an ECL language exam in 26 countries in Europe and two countries overseas (Argentina, United States).

Wanna be creative? Learn languages.

Of course this is a slight oversimplification of the complexity of our world, but it is worth having a look at what’s behind it. We, the experts of the ECL Language Exam have recently investigated whether those who already speak two languages are better at acquiring a third one.


The first three thousand English words

Vocabulary has crucial importance in the development of speaking skills and plays a fundamental role in communication. A young (or not so young) person learning English must know how to use grammar and vocabulary and should be aware of the words’ pronunciation.